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Level 2 Motion Racing

High end motion simulation with triple curved monitors envelop the user for heightened immersion.

(up to 2 players)


15 Minutes


30 Minutes


1 Hour


Each Additional Hour:



The Setup

Wheel: Simagic Alpha Mini 10nm

Pedals: Simagic P1000 load cell pedals with haptics

Shifter: Simagic DS-8X H-Pattern/sequential

Handbrake: Simagic TB-1

Active Seatbelt tensioner

eRacing Labs Thanos 4u Motion system

Meta Quest 3 VR headset

Triple 32" MSI 1440p Curved Monitors

High-end Gaming PC


The Games

Available games for this rig:

  • Assetto Corsa with mods

  • iRacing

  • Richard Burns Rally

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